Professional remote-controlled brushcutter for garden maintenance

Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter for garden maintenance

Our Herbhy radio-controlled multi-purpose professional robot is ideal with any applicable equipment, being able to work both flat and sloping, even steep.

Its great versatility and the range of tools that can be used with Herbhy makes it suitable for use in outdoor areas such as:

  • hilly and mountain areas
  • river banks
  • embankments and motorway junctions
  • areas adjacent to railway lines
  • open fields and military polygons
  • industrial and energy plants
  • state-owned, forest and wooded areas
  • airports
  • reclamation areas
  • provincial and municipal territories
  • sport facilities
  • cultivated land and terraces

Professional radio-controlled shredder for slopes

The Herbhy radio-controlled shredder is designed for mowing grass and shrubs in areas that are difficult to reach with the classic articulated-arm machine or on slopes where there is the risk of tipping over or even in impenetrable areas by other means.
The remote-controlled agricultural machine is characterized by stability and grip on difficult terrain thanks to the possibility of extending the track width of the wagon by 500 mm, even on slopes of 55 °.
The frame integrates a solid roll-bar that acts as an anchor for the application of various equipment.

Connected to haymaking equipment, the Herbhy brushcutter is particularly suitable for working on slopes cultivated with forage where the operator can control the machine while remaining in a safe area.

Professional shredder for hilly areas, terraces and mountain areas

For the maintenance and enhancement of hilly areas, terraces and mountain areas, the Herbhy professional shredder can be connected to specific tools and accessories such as:

  • forestry shredder
  • stump grinder
  • shredder
  • winch

Hymach has professional shredders for wooded areas suitable for the most varied situations and is committed to the study and implementation of technical innovations, new models, tools and accessories to meet the various needs of customers in the field of green maintenance.