Features Herbhy multi-purpose remote-controlled brushcutter

Herbhy radio controlled brushcutter features

Precision, finish and uniformity of cutting of the Herbhy radio-controlled brushcutter

Precision, finish and uniformity of cutting of the Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter

The flotation device connected to the tool holder of Herbhy, the professional machine for mowing grass with remote control, uses exclusively hydraulic actuators, which, compared to the classic spring, allow to follow the course of the ground with more precision and uniformity to guarantee minors mechanical breaks.

It has a regulation system to calibrate it based on the weight of the applied tool heads.

Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter sturdiness

Professional agricultural machine for forestry work

The remote-controlled forestry mulcher is a professional forestry machinery that is ideal for both forestry work, for professional farming, for clearing works, as a forerunner, being able to tackle already developed tree trunks with a large trunk.

Thanks to special professional accessories, specifically made for Herbhy and which can be hooked into the front or rear of the crawler mower, rural roads can be built, rubble debris broken, firebreak trenches can be created, tree stumps can be destroyed, trekking routes can be created, ski slopes, fields golf, etc.

These work tools for the maintenance of agricultural areas with very tall, infesting and grass, are ideal for green professionals and should not be confused with the classic lawn mower intended for home use.

Herbhy is mainly intended for use by the public administration or by public bodies that require professional shredders with remote control to avoid possible inconveniences to forest operators or public green maintenance workers

Herbhy radio-controlled professional brush cutter engine

Herbhy radio controlled professional brush cutter engine

The Perkins diesel engine is compact, very robust and reliable over time; it uses horse power without stress and overheating. The entire powering system has been designed and tested to work continuously even in slopes up to 55° and ensure consistently high productivity.

An excellent engine/power torque for an efficient and effective work in normal operating conditions, with no effort.

The system works under optimum temperature conditions thanks to the cooling system’s reliance on the robust and reliable Flexxaire fan we tested in extreme environments.

Underbody protections of the Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter

Underbody protections of the Herbhy radio-controlled professional brushcutter

The compact underbody coating is structurally integrated into the chassis and prevents access of debris and fragments, effectively working as a “shell” protecting engine and all system parts.

The roll-bar too is framed within the chassis and can be used to lift the vehicle in complete balance. The frame also features a more point hooking structure to lift the vehicle, as well as front and rear hooking systems for the fastening of equipment and optional devices. High-visibility LED headlights and blinkers.

Herbhy radio controlled professional brush cutter track system

Herbhy radio controlled professional brush cutter track system

Herbhy, the radio-controlled tracked robot, is made with a special system that avoids the undercutting and automatically adjusts the hydraulic tension of the tracks so as to drastically reduce the possibility of the tracks coming out, increasing safety and productivity.

Depending on needs, different types of tracks are available:

  • low impact rubber to limit ground pressure
  • in high grip rubber for mixed terrain
  • with external steel inserts and the possibility of adding studs for extreme slopes.

Use of the Herbhy radio-controlled professional brushcutter in sloping areas

Professional radio-controlled mower for slopes

Remote control via radio control and the possibility of working safely both on level ground and on slopes make HERBHY the professional radio-controlled brush cutter ideal for hilly and mountainous areas, terraces, river banks, ditches, embankments and motorway junctions, areas adjacent to railway lines, areas military, wooded areas, industrial and energy plants, state-owned and forest areas, airport areas, reclamation districts, provincial and municipal territories, sports facilities.

Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter control system

Control system of the Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter

The remote control, equipped with a graphic display, supervises all the functions of this professional remote-controlled agricultural machine.

It has a track speed control system with forward-backward adjustment 0-7 km / h and a system for reporting critical events of the machine in work including the overcoming of the slope.

In addition, the speed control potentiometer variable from 0 to 100% and the potentiometer to correct the feed direction (offset) during sloping work are standard.
Equipped as standard with the useful and practical application of routine assisted maintenance (service assistant).

Customization and equipment on Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutters

Customization and setup on Herbhy radio controlled professional brushcutter

The various accessories such as the extendable cart with independent extension of every track; the R-Eye remote control system; the rear winch; the front tool plate; the rear connection for accessories; customized colors; the possibility to design modifications on request for specific uses and to choose a biodegradable oil, allow us to configure HERBHY according to the needs of every user.