Applicable equipment on Herbhy radio-controlled brush cutter

Herbhy: radio-controlled multi-purpose tool carrier

Our Herbhy radio-controlled multi-purpose professional tool-carrier is ideal with any applicable equipment, being able to work both flat and sloping, even steep.

Its great versatility and the range of tools that can be used with Herbhy makes it suitable for use in large areas such as:

  • hilly and mountain areas
  • river banks
  • embankments and motorway junctions
  • areas adjacent to railway lines
  • open fields and military polygons
  • industrial and energy plants
  • state-owned, forest and wooded areas
  • airports
  • reclamation areas
  • provincial and municipal territories
  • sport facilities
  • flat, sloping and terraced cultivated land
  • vineyards, orchards, olive groves, citrus groves, hazelnut groves, etc.
  • tree plantations
  • solar parks
  • large greenhouses

Rotating brushes and sweepers for professional remote-controlled brushcutters

The special rotating brushes applied on Herbhy, the professional multi-purpose robot, allow cleaning of roads, farms, brick factories, farms, barns, stables, courtyards and fenced areas used for breeding poultry.

This accessory is applied to the front of Herbhy and can be chosen in different widths and with bristles of various materials depending on the intended use.

Front loader and high tipping buckets for radio controlled professional tool-carrier Herbhy

Thanks to the loaders, the Herbhy radio-controlled professional tool-carrier is transformed into an earth-moving machine for operations that require devices and systems with avant-garde mechanics capable of resisting and being functional even in the event of a heavy load.

The loaders are reliable and long-term accessories designed to withstand the frequent stresses during the movement, loading or unloading of materials.

Another professional tool for earthmoving that can be attached to the front of Herbhy is the high-tilting frontal bucket, suitable for loading gravel, sand, earth, loose materials, etc.
The high tilting bucket for professional remote controlled machines is ideal for the recovery of all types of materials thanks to its thick steel bottom.

Snow shovels and snow blower for the Herbhy professional radio-controlled vehicle

For winter service, in areas with frequent snowfalls it is possible to equip our multi-purpose tool carrier with snow plows and snow blowers of different models. Thanks to the power made available by Herbhy, it is also possible to withstand several consecutive working hours.

Furthermore, thanks to the small size of the machine, it is possible to clean narrow streets, driveways, squares, in total safety.

Haymaking with the Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machine

Hay-bars and rakes make Herbhy the agricultural machine for haymaking to be used on slopes and in critical situations.
The hay-bar for radio-controlled agricultural machinery is suitable for professional mowing of grass even on the steepest slopes, it guarantees a precise cut, efficient anti-clogging mowing and a low level of vibrations. The cutter bars allow adjustment of the cutting height, they also resist to foreign bodies and are mainly used in agriculture for forage. The rake, for haymaking work carried out between mowing and harvesting, can be applied to the front or rear of Herbhy.

Equipment for working in vineyards, orchards, citrus groves, hazelnut groves, olive groves, … for the self-propelled tool carrier Herbhy

The retractable rotary cutter is useful for cutting grass close to poles and trees. The equipment is able to automatically bypass the obstacle without interrupting the mowing.

The mistblower is applied to the front of the Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machine to carry out phytosanitary treatments on cultivated areas especially in canopied orchards such as vines, cherry, apple, pear, plum and olive trees. It can also be used for the treatment of herbaceous crops on extensive land.

The nebuliser is ideal for targeted phytosanitary treatments in vineyards, orchards, citrus groves, … and mosquito pest control in hedges and green areas. The possibility of positioning the tube and adjusting the nozzles makes it possible to direct the spray where it is actually needed and avoid wasting water and products.

The olive shaker is connected to the Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machine for the mechanical harvesting of olives.
The telescopic arm allows you to reach the trunks and hook them by accurately positioning the pliers. Thanks to the remote control, the operator remains out of the operation range avoiding being hit by any branches that could fall during the shaking of the tree.

Herbhy radio-controlled forestry multipurpose machine

With the dedicated tools for forestry operations, Herbhy can be used in wooded areas safely.

Hymach stump grinders are designed to reduce the stumps of felled plants. Being able to reach underground, they are used by gardeners and forestry workers who need to clean the green area in order to resow where the roots were.The stump grinder can also be used as a superficial root cutter thanks to its rotating blades that are able to effectively chop the remains of old roots of trees of various species.

For any need, the right choice

The possibility to quickly apply to the machine different accessories, also choosing among the best products on the market made by prime companies, makes HERBHY a rather versatile unit that can be configured for the most varied uses on every type of ground. We take your operational requirements as the basis for the implementation of the range of equipment applicable to Herbhy, so as to make it a multi-purpose means of production designed for your specific activities.

If you do not find the right equipment for you, contact us, we are always studying new solutions. And if you want to apply a particular equipment of your preference we can check the feasibility.