Equipment applicable to the Herbhy multifunction tool carrier robot

Applicable equipment and accessories for radio-controlled professional agricultural machines

Herbhy radio-controlled brush cutter

Herbhy radio-controlled brush cutter: the multi-purpose professional robot for public green maintenance

HERBHY is a multi-purpose tool robot that can be controlled remotely and is supplied together with a wide range of tools to perform the most diverse maintenance operations on public green areas.
Other models of tools are being studied in order to facilitate maintenance work on public green areas, wooded or forest areas, winter operations, work in the sectors of agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, livestock.

On Herbhy it is allowed the easy and quick application of multiple equipment both in the front and rear, you have the possibility to design variants on request for specific uses and you can choose the biodegradable oil.

The Herbhy radiocontrolled professional brushcutter is a multi-purpose professional radio-controlled mower, adaptable to your specific activities, on which you can request accessories such as the extendable wagon, with independent widening of each track, the system
R-Eye remote control, the rear winch, the horizontal translation system of the applied equipment, the attachment for rear accessories, and custom colors to make Herbhy unique.

Rotating brushes and sweepers for professional remote-controlled brushcutters

The special rotating brushes applied on Herbhy, the professional multi-purpose robot, allow cleaning of roads, farms, brick factories, farms, barns, stables, courtyards and fenced areas used for breeding poultry.

This accessory is applied to the front of Herbhy and can be chosen in different widths and with bristles of various materials depending on the intended use.

Front loader and high tipping buckets for radio controlled professional brushcutters

Herbhy is available with the addition of front loaders, instruments intended for operators of earth moving machines.

Thanks to the loaders, the Herbhy radio-controlled professional brushcutter is transformed into an earth-moving machine for agricultural operations that require devices and systems with avant-garde mechanics capable of resisting and being functional even in the event of a heavy load.

The loaders are reliable and long-term accessories designed to withstand the frequent stresses during the movement, loading or unloading of materials.

Hymach ensures the accurate assembly of all mechanical components of the loading shovels and a quality control on the materials used.

Another professional agricultural tool for earthmoving that can be attached to the front of Herbhy is the high-tilting frontal bucket, suitable for loading gravel, sand, earth, loose materials, etc.

The high tilting bucket for professional remote controlled agricultural machines is ideal for the recovery of all types of materials thanks to its thick steel bottom.

Snow shovels and snow blower for professional radio-controlled power mower

Hymach S.r.l. designs and manufactures snowplow blades of different models and sizes for Herbhy professional radio-controlled mowers.
This equipment is suitable for use with our radio-controlled mower thanks to the mechanical quick-attach bracket to be installed on the front of the professional agricultural machine.

For winter service, in mountainous areas with frequent snowfalls, to keep high-traffic roads accessible, you can use the practical snow blower for professional radio-controlled agricultural machines.
This special tool for snow clearing, a precious means for winter traffic, consists of special rotating blades that crush the snow with a fresh, beaten or iced consistency.

Thanks to the power made available by Herbhy, the snow can also be thrown at a distance through an ejection tube applied to the snow blower and it can even withstand several hours of consecutive work.

The front snow blower turbines for radio-controlled agricultural machines designed by Hymach are winter equipment that can be equipped with a patented safety system for locking the roller in case of danger.

Grass cutter with plate and professional cutter bar for radio-controlled agricultural machines

Hymach offers a variety of accessories and tools that can be attached to Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machines, including the professional grass cutter with a retractable side plate, designed for the most difficult areas to manage, such as large surface areas and road edges.

This tool is designed for cutting tall grass in parks and public gardens, it consists of a strong, light, shock-resistant plate, treated for the prevention of rust, abrasion caused by UV rays and corrosion of atmospheric agents.
Strength and reliability are the main strengths of Hymach’s Herbhy range of professional lawnmowers for radio-controlled agricultural machines.

The cutter bar for professional trimmers, motor mowers and radio-controlled agricultural machines is indicated for the professional mowing of grass and lawns even on the steepest slopes, it guarantees a precise cut, an efficient anti clogging mowing and a low level of vibrations thanks to a balancing mutual of the masses of the oscillating blades.
The cutter bars allow adjustment of the cutting height, they also resist to foreign bodies and are mainly used in agriculture for forage or in the municipalities and in gardening / landscape architecture for the care of green areas.

Sprayer for remote-controlled agricultural machines

The agricultural atomizer supplied by Hymach is an accessory that must be applied frontally on the Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machine to perform pesticide treatments on areas cultivated above all in foliage orchards such as grapevine, cherry, apple, pear, plum and olive.

It can also be used for weeding of herbaceous crops on extensive soils through the spraying of parasiticidal mixtures in water.
Specific nozzles direct the mixture towards the crop to be treated, a mixture that is contained in a tank.

Stump cutters and shredders for radio-controlled professional agricultural machines

The Hymach stump grinders are designed for the removal of felled plant strains and are used by gardeners and forest workers who need to clean the green area in order to re-seed where the roots were before.

The stump grinder can also be used as superficial root-cutter thanks to its rotating blades that can effectively chop up the remains of old tree roots belonging to the family of pinacee (maritime pine, etc.).

The applications of the professional stump grinder for radio-controlled agricultural machines range in many markets, including companies for gardening, arborists, municipalities, maintenance of golf courses and land.
The advantages of using an accessory like the stump grinder on Herbhy are:

  • the operator can remain in a lateral position with respect to the remote-controlled agricultural machine in order to be able to choose the best angle from which to follow the work;
  • ground disturbances are minimized thanks to Herbhy tracks that provide less ground pressure and better stability;
  • the exclusive Hymach patented remote control system monitors the engine load and provides continuous feedback on the activity of the vehicle

The shredders designed by Hymach for agricultural machines with remote control are designed to be used in orchards, nurseries, parks, avenues, woods and undergrowth.

They are mainly intended for public bodies, public administrations, agricultural and forestry companies that make green maintenance the main activity.
Their main function is to grind, crumble, shred wood, twigs, trimmings of trees, shrubs, remains of pruning, green waste thanks to particularly robust blades and rotating disks, made with steels and alloys designed for longer life.

Professional rakes for remote-controlled agricultural machines

The rake or rake with continuous side discharge is an accessory that Hymach makes available to be applied to Herbhy, the professional remote-controlled agricultural machine for green maintenance.

This accessory is useful for performing haymaking jobs that are done after mowing but before harvesting.
Used specifically for the collection of fodder and heaps of hay or grass from various herbaceous crops, the rake is applied to the front or back of Herbhy.

The Hymach professional rakes are made up of parallel combs composed of a metal tube on which a series of flexible teeth is mounted, made of steel rods, parallel and directed vertically.
The rotation of the combs allows to push the forage mass towards the direction of advancement.

Olive shaker for remote-controlled agricultural machines

Hymach’s particular olive shaker links to the Herbhy radio-controlled agricultural machine for the mechanical harvesting of olives.
The telescopic arm allows you to reach the very large olive grove leaves and through the comb it drops the olives on a movable sheet, and automatically directs them towards a collector.

Range of tools applicable to Herbhy, the professional multipurpose public green maintenance robot

Rotary brush

Rotary brush

Loading bucket

Loading bucket

Snow plow

Snow plow

Lawnmower with retractable side plate

Lawnmower with retractable side plate



Snow blower

Snow blower

Stump grinder

Stump grinder

Hay bar

Hay bar