Herbhy multipurpose radio-controlled robot for garden maintenance by Hymach

Herbhy: the multipurpose radio-controlled robot for garden maintenance

Hymach presents the Herbhy range of hedge trimmers designed for use in green maintenance.
Herbhy stands out for its robustness and reliability over time and can be used in numerous fields of application such as agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, breeding.

The numerous tools that can be applied both frontally and posteriorly make Herbhy the multi-purpose professional robot ideal for mowing, chopping, shredding, milling, earth moving.

Herbhy is available in various models that differ in size, weight, engine power and sector of use.
Discover all the models, from the smallest Herbhy QB23 to the intermediate models 40C, 40, 50, up to the more performance models G70 and Z40, able to work in particularly difficult areas such as hilly areas, terraces and steep slopes.